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Counterpoint of two times and of two perspectives. I look at the photos of yesterdays´ Romania (1986- Julie Weisz) and more recent Romania (2012-Cecile Rausch) and it feels like beholding two realities, with the implied emotions and the counterpart worlds they each represent. The one prior to the Romanian revolution (1989), filled with darkness and fears… The one after the fall of Ceausescu’s regimen…Yesterday: communism. Today: consumerism. Perhaps all of these “instant shots” that appear to be antagonistic, end up being coexistent, and in a certain way, complimentary in the memory of the people. 

Argentine photographers Julie Weisz and Cecile Rausch have succeeded in capturing with their cameras, essential moments and metaphors of this singular country of Eastern Europe, during crucial stages of its turbulent history.  

Foreword of Alina Diaconu at the exhibit held at the Centro Cultural Borges, in 2018

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