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Welcome to my photography portfolio! I am an artistic photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty and essence of the world through my lens. I explore various genres including architecture, landscape, macro photography, nature, and abstract compositions.

Photography is my chosen medium, allowing me to freeze moments in time and share the hidden beauty often overlooked. Within each subject, I uncover compelling stories waiting to be told.

I have had the privilege of exhibiting in different showcases in Argentina and Canada. These experiences have shaped my artistic journey, driving me to experiment and innovate.

In architectural photography, I capture the grandeur and intricacy of man-made structures, highlighting their unique characteristics. Landscapes evoke awe and appreciation for the natural world, while macro photography reveals the intricate details often overlooked. Nature photography celebrates the untamed beauty of the environment, and abstract compositions offer a departure from the representational, promoting a personal interpretation.

As an artistic photographer, I invite viewers into my world, sharing the beauty, emotions, and stories encountered on my journey. I hope to inspire others to pause, reflect, and find their own connection with the world around them.

Thank you for visiting my photography website and immersing yourself in my visual narratives.

Cecile Rausch


In the later years, I have been printing photos on metal, glass, as well as intervening on cotton prints with Chinese ink, water color and oil paint as well as the production of artist's books. Julie Weisz, one of the pioneer female photographers in Argentina was not only her teacher, but became a good friend and they made a much acclaimed, joint exhibit in Centro Cultural Borges (Romania-Two Perspectives). Also participated in several group exhibitions: in 1917 and 1918  IN TATTERSALL and in CC Borges in 1919, in Argentina, and one in Canada in 1920. In 2022 her work was chosen finalist in the photography bi-yearly competition CURRICULUMCERO of Ruth Benzacar Art Gallery. Currently Cecile lives and works in Buenos Aires and in the United States.

2017 -2022 Workshop of Contemporary Photography .  Ana Sánchez Zinny. Post production of digital photography. Solo workshop. Carlos Mei. Light workshop. C. Mei. The visual art of photography. Taller individual. Marta Calí. ​


2020 - Photography workshop with Jon Hilmarsson (Iceland). Seeing Through Photographs. MOMA, org.  What is Contemporary Art? MOMA, org. Essential Adobe Photoshop for photographers. Crehana.


2018 - Safari y photography training in Guatemala. Inés Miguens


2017 - 2019 - Humanistic Photography Workshop. Inés Míguens. Post production in digital photography. Privateworkshop. Carlos Mei.

2016 - Workshopr. Ataulfo Pérez Aznar. The photography personal book.


2015 - 2016 - Solo workshop Julie Weisz. Clinic and Project. ​


2014 - Creativity in Photography. CC Rojas. Workshop with Julie Weisz.


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